Iona Ceramics

Capturing the Coastline In Every Piece

Pottery inspired by the vast sweeping lines and ever-changing colours of the coast, brought into your home.

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Crafted with passion and purpose

"My work is in response to the geological coastline we have in northwest Europe. The vast, sweeping lines and blocks of color out on the horizon captivate me in my craft. Drawing from my education in marine biology, my experience in the restaurant industry, and years of honing my skills as a potter, I aim to blend these diverse backgrounds. By combining the intricacies of marine life, the artistry of culinary presentation, and the craftsmanship of pottery, I aspire to deliver unique pieces that bring the essence of the coastline into people's homes"

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Get hands-on with pottery at Iona Ceramics

Based in the heart of North Yorkshire between Helmsley and York, experience creating your own masterpieces

I'll be taking you through every step involved in making your own wheel thrown ceramic tableware, ready to display in your own home

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  • Potfest scotland

    8-9th June 2024
    Perth, Scotland

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  • Iona Ceramics Open Studio

    13-14th July 2024
    Carlton Huthswaite, North Yorkshire

  • Wardlow Mires Pots and Food

    7-8th September
    Wardlow, Derbyshire

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